The my7 video team

Lis Durkin - Producer
Aaron Schillinger - Director & Editor
Marissa Herrmann - Art Director
Taylor Stanton - Director of Photography
Kiera Capitanio - Production Assistant
Milo Romaguera - Soundtrack Composer

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The story

my7 fosters storytelling through the choices we make. When we first sat down with Lis of EMD Media, she pushed us to tell our story; finding that spark of an idea which she translated into a short promotional video. We initially spoke about live action ideas of people listing their 7 favorite people, be it Martin Luther King Jr., John MacEnrow, Steven King or Tristan Harris...or favorite 7 restaurants like Gotham, Pig Bleecker and others. You get the picture. Sounds like fun and we may yet do this for subsequent videos. But what we landed on had no people (keeping tight to the budget) and focused more on the favorites as if they could categorize themselves, so stop motion video seemed like the perfect idea. After three more cups of coffee, we had the whole script outlined and off she went to build the team.

Fast forward through a month of sourcing and planning to a warm day in September, shoot day came and we wrapped ourselves in the close comfort of District Co-work in NoMad, NYC with special care from Kiera. Spread out were hundreds of product ideas: current artists, 80s and classic rock records, makeup, stationary, frames, pictures, postcards—Marissa really brought it and sourced a ton of favorites, influencing framing and textures. Once Taylor filmed the day's events, roughs cut and edited by Aaron, we finally worked with Milo to compose the music. Perfectly performed, he edited the clip closely to the animated movements; musically engaged, his catchy 30 sec soundscape completes the story. –Thanks to all involved!

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